How to Download WhatsApp Statuses

Hellow guys, this article is going to take you through how to save or download someone status on WhatsApp. In fact this tutorials is about Where to locate a friend WhatsApp Status. You have had an instances where you’ve seen a friend status and had wanted to use as yours but don’t know how to do it or You are tired of asking friends ” Please can you send me you status?”. I’m  here to take you through very simple and understandable way of over coming such instances.
Let’s get started.
1. Open WhatsApp
2. Go to a friend Status
3. Watch/view the status. Note: without watching or viewing you can’t locate the status. So watch or view the status you want to save or download.
4. Now go back to phone and locate Media / file manager on your phone

5. Scroll down to locate WhatsApp folder
6. Open the WhatsApp folder and scroll to locate Media Folder.

7. Open the Media Folder.

8. You will see Statuses Folder. Open the Statuses Folder and OMG! all Watched / Viewed Status are seen.


Comment below if there is any additional way to locate WhatsApp status.

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