How to Lock your PC Using PenDrive

Hello!! Hope most of you know how to use Pendrive to lock or unlock computer but those who are not familiar with this should keep calm and follow today’s tutorials. This process is very simple if you keep attention to this tutorial. I will show you the step by step but you are to put in mind that, a USB Pendrive with a virus will never work for you so put it in your mind that you must be free from unwanted virus or any malware that may distract you during the process. It doesn’t matter if you have any files on the Pendrive because the software we will be using does not require any empty Pendrive.

Now by the end of the tutorials, we should be able to know how to use your Pendrive to lock or unlock your PC. Please, I like feedback for what I have been doing for you so try to give me feedback after you are done.

  1. Download and install a software Predator on your PC

links Download Predator Professional Edition for 32-bit Windows

Download Predator Professional Edition for 64-bit Windows

I really love this software because it locks your computer even if you are not near to your PC or when you are away from your PC, you will see your Windows session is still active.

After the installation of the software please launch it and insert the USB Pendrive into the PC.

If you are away from the PC, you just remove the USB drive. Once it is removed, the keyboard and mouse are disabled and the screen darkens
when you return back to your PC, you can insert the USB flash drive in place again to unlock the keyboard and mouse are immediately and the display is restored.

  1. After inserting the USB Pendrive, Predator will, therefore, ask you whether you want to create a password. Just click OK to continue the process.
  2. In the opened dialogue window, enter a secure password in the “New password” field. This is recommended because if you lose your USB pen drive, you can use this password to unlock your computer.

Predator enables you to make use of a secured password in addition to USB lock/unlock. If in case you need this capability, you can check the Always Required box and you will be told to enter the secured password any time you use your thumb drive to unlock your PC.

  1. Lastly, in the section under Flash Drives, please make sure that the correct USB flash drive is selected immediately you are done with the process after click “Create key” and then OK.

Clicking OK will let Predator window exit. Now click the Predator icon on the taskbar to launch or restart the application again. After a few seconds, you will see that the icon will change to green color, which is notifying you that Predator is running smoothly. After you are done, Predator will check every 30 seconds to make sure that your USB Pendrive is plugged in. If it isn’t, your computer will dim and lock down.

You can choose to pause Predator at any time you want, just select “Pause monitoring” from the taskbar menu.

You can just watch this 30sec demo

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