Fastest, Cheapest and Convenient Mobile App For Bulk SMS In Ghana

Hello Guys! Today is another day the lord has made lets us rejoice and glad in it as we learn another useful thing in our daily activities as Marketer and developers. Mr. Bestman want to take you how 2pesewas mobile app works.

2Pesewas is Basically Mobile App for Bulk SmS and is for far the cheapest is Ghana so far. It is available on Playstore, Apple Store and Has Apk.

How 2Pesewas works
2pesewas is for sending single and bulk messages for as low as 2pesewas per SMS page. With this application, you can easily organize your numbers in to multiple groups and send instant or scheduled messages to be delivered at a later date and time for you. You can also checks for the delivery status of every single messages you send using in-app web view interface. And so much more.

1 (one) page sms you send to 1(one) mobile number costs you 1(one) sms unit. If you run out of units, simply go to Topup Account from the app main screen, choose which method of topup is most convenient for you.

For easy access and management of your contacts. Go to my Contacts from the app main screen, create a group and add the numbers you intend to be sending messages regularly. You can add all numbers you have on your phone into a group for easy access anytime. Create as many groups as you desire and add as many numbers as you want. Total number of contacts you can messages to is unlimited.

To schedule a message to be delivered at a later date and time successfully, make sure the date and time on your phone itself is set accurately since the date and time you set will be initially calculated using your current date and time. Once a message is scheduled, it will be delivered if your phone is on or even off since 2Pesewas is responsible for monitoring your message and sending it at the appropriate date and time.
To cancel a schedule message and prevent 2Pesewas from sending it, long click on the message and “cancel Schedule”. Deleting the message will not cancel it at all. If you only delete the message, it will be sent, so be sure to cancel the message before deleting it.

This is the name or number that the recipients of your message will see as the source or sender of the message. By default, your registration number is used. To change it to a custom name or the name of your organization, go to the app settings and change it.

This is a free service you enjoy while using 2pesewas. Back up all the numbers you have under all my contacts to their online server for later restoration should you change your phone or lose your contacts.

Use this service to restore all contacts you backed up on their servers to your app.

This application does not use the credit on sim card for sending messages. All messages are sent directly to their servers using any available internet connection you have on your phone. If you send a message while your connection is down, it will be pending on your phone and sent automatically when a connection is available. Instant messages turn green when sent successfully. They turn gray when there is no connection and is pending on your phone to be sent. They turn red when they have completely failed to be sent to their servers (this is mainly due to insufficient credit or servers maintenance exercise).

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