Mobile App for Sending Mobile Money Across All Network In Ghana

Sending Money from One Mobile Money account network to different network hasn’t been easy. For those into Online Business in Ghana is facing such challenges the most. But recently we have witness Mobile Apps emerging to solve such problem in Ghana. Today article brings to you one of the Best Mobile App for Online Payment. In fact very convenient and secure App available. That’s MAZZUMA. Mazzuma App puts all your favorite mobile money services in one place.



You can now request money from friends and family regardless of their network. This is ideal for merchants and businesses for receiving money from their customers as it can serve as a mobile money POS. SEND MONEY

Sending mobile money hasn’t been any easier. You can now send mobile money to any network without using a token that is sending from MTN Mobile Money Account to Tigo Account and vice versa and across all network. The money is transferred directly into the recipient’s account instantly.


You can buy airtime and pay all bills from one place using your mobile money account. Airtime can be sent to All network from One Mobile Money Account. DASHBOARD The app has a dashboard where all transaction are recording. With this you can see all transaction thus date and time for each transaction you have made. MUZZUMA ON MESSENGER

You can also send Mobile Money on Facebook.

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