How To Decode Huawei Modem or Mifi

Huawei Unlock Codes are very important for Unlocking Modems or MiFi which we have to calculate the unlock code for the Huawei Modems or MiFi by doing it online

It actually Provides Free Unlock Codes with different versions in which you are going to insert the code into the modem or MiFi Dashboard in a specific area for your device to be unlocked. I am giving you the tutorial on how to get unlock code because most of us are not happy if their modem or MIFI are not unlocked and we all know how stressful you will pass through if you are using a modem that is not unlocked especially if the network you are using is not giving you the correct offer. Never worry so far as Mr. Bestman is there, I will give you any hint that you get confused about. Just keep on coming to this website and definitely, you will get what you want.

How to unlock Huawei modem

1. Mobile phone/Computer with internet access
2. Locked Huawei Device
3. Written IMEI of the Huawei device

1. Open the Modem Dashboard

2. Insert different sim in the Huawei modem

3. Insert the modem into your computer

4. You will see unidentified sim there and they will give you a place to insert a certain code.

5. Now Use your mobile phone to browse and search for the code
Click here to get your modem code.

6. Enter you 15 IMEI number in the provided space at the site. Click on calc button and wait for your code this is how it looks like
IMEI: 8608610****6472

Unlock (V1): 42***260

Unlock (V2): 51***354

Unlock (V3/201): 5***4472

Flash: 50***735 (c) SERGEY/MKL 2010 – 2014

7. Copy all the code you will see and place it at a safe place.

8. Now copy the third version and insert it into the section of the Modem dashboard where they have written “insert code”

9. Click OK. You will see the network signal down there if it is successful.

NOTE: Please not all Huawei Modem or Wifi support this code so if your code does not work try all the three codes and see, if still please stop and send it to Mobile phone technician for him to use their NCK Box to decode it for you. Also, remember you have 10x trial for the code so try to be careful.

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