How To Read Someone’s Whatsapp Messages

Mr. Bestman greet you all. Hope you are doing great by God grace. The third part to get access to read on someone conversation is more or less difficult, just because of the encryption WhatsApp owners added Now I am done with the research about Whatsapp hacks and now this one is working perfectly for me. There are so many ways of hacking a friend or family WhatsApp, I think upon all my research this one is very simple and easy. But still trying to get other ones.

Now what we are going to learn for this WhatsApp tricks is by using whatsweb app

Why whatsweb

The Web for WhatsApp enables you to have access to someone WhatsApp conversions remotely from a victim phone.

WhatsWeb for WhatsApp also enables to track multiple WhatsApp account which is installed on the in same mobile.

Steps to follow

  1. Download whatsweb app. This app whenever you are offline, it won’t log out but will wait for you to switch on your data and it will log in again. Click here to download
  2. Install the whatsweb app on your Phone and open it

3. Get the victim (girl/boyfriend, wife/husband, friend or family) phone and open his/her WhatsApp phone.

4. Go to Chats screen > Menu > WhatsApp Web.

5. Scan the QR Code on the victims WhatsApp screen to your whatsweb.

6. From the victim phone, navigate to the Whatsweb screen to view your logged in phone or to log out from an active WhatsApp Web session.

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Note: please if you want to track him for long, on the Whatsweb app, if the victim is offline, do not log of or else, you won’t be able to track his or her WhatsApp conversation again, just wait till he or she comes online and behold you can read all the victim chats.

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