Essential Tools mostly Use In Photoshop

Photoshop is an editing software mostly use in graphic designing especially image manipulation. Beginners found is difficult to use most of the tools. But today, I am here to discuss with you in details the commonly used ones which will always come in handy when editing images.
Some tools are used more than others, and will always come in handy when editing images.

Move Tool (V):

The Move Tool is a fairly simple tool that’s used to move one layer/object or a group of layers/objects within the image. It can be selected with your mouse on the tools palette, or you can just press V. To use the tool, with your layer/object selected, click and hold that layer/object and drag it from one place to another. You also have the option of using the arrow buttons on your keyboard to move a layer from one location to another.

move tool shown in the tools panel

Crop Tool (C):

The Crop Tool is used to crop an area of an image. After selecting the tool with your mouse, or simply pressing C, you can choose to crop part of your image. To do this, highlight the area you want to crop by holding and dragging the crop tool over that area. Once that area is selected, either press Enter or right-click and press Crop.

crop tool shown in the tools panel

Brush/Pencil Tool (B):

The Brush/Pencil Tool provides a way to draw on your image/canvas. Be sure to know which layer it is that you’re drawing/painting on. To select the brush tool, press B or select the brush tool with your mouse. To use the tool, press and hold down the left mouse button and drag to wherever you’d like. Brush styles can be altered in the toolbar above your canvas.

brush tool shown in the tools panel

Eraser Tool (E):

The Eraser Tools, obviously, erases. Again, it’s important to make sure of which layer you’re erasing from. This tool works much like the brush/pencil tool, while have the opposite effect. Quickly select the eraser tool by pressing E.

eraser tool shown in the tools panel

Type Tool (T):

The Type Tool allows you to place text upon your image. To select the type, simply press T. To use the tool, select the place on your image where you want the text to begin (this will create a new text layer) and begin typing. Font options appear on the toolbar above your canvas. You also have the option to use the vertical type tool, as well as horizontal and vertical type mask tools.

type tool shown in the tools panel

Shape Tool (U):

The shape tool allows you to make shapes on your image. The default shape is the rectangle, though other options can be selected by right-clicking the shape tool in the tools palette and choosing from the displayed options. To select the type tool, you can simply press U. Creating a shape is much like cropping. To create a completely symmetrical shape, hold down shift while dragging your cursor.

shape tool shown in the tools panel

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