17 Secret Combinations on Your Keyboard

Have you ever thought how many secrets are hidden inside of your computer? Mr. Bestman has collected all the secret keyboard tricks you probably didn’t know about (for windows).

In this tricks, make sure your win/start key is working. Is funny huh! That’s windows for you. Okay lets start.

Win + A

It opens the action settings. Quick access to the computer settings

Win + B

It shows the first icon in the notification area. You can switch between icons using the arrow keys.

Win + Ctrl + B

It switches you to a program indicating a new message in the notification area.

Win + D

It is use to minimize all the open windows immediately.

Win + E

It opens internet explorer

Win + F

It opens files in folders

Win + Ctrl + F

It opens the finds on the computer

Win + G

It brings the entire gadget to the foreground. In windows 10, it opens the game bar

Win + L

It changes user or lock workplace quickly

Win + M

Minimize all open windows

Win + Shift + M

Restore last minimize window.

Win + P

It will switch to operation mode. If you have external device inserted. It will switch you to choose between.

Win + Q

It searches all installed app in windows.

Win + R

It opens the run dialog box for you.

Win + T

Focus to the task bar

Win + U

It opens the utility manager for you.

Win + W

It opens windows in workplace. For Note and screenshot

Win + Y

It will start yahoo application. That’s if only it is installed on the computer.

If there are any other hidden shortcut missing in this article let us know through the comment area.

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