Simple Way to Stop Facebook Autoplay Videos

Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world so far. Most people can’t do away with it since it’s the right medium for immediate news portal and for marketing. But wait! Have you witness this annoying video autoplay? Answer is big YES if only you are a fun of Facebook.
Autoplay videos begin automatically as you scroll. Videos consume more data than any other stories on Facebook.

This simple steps will help you solve such burden consuming your data bundle.


When you open Facebook Application, there are hidden menu in the right top corner of the app. Click on it to drop down the hidden items. As shown below


Scroll down the files to locate App Settings. App setting also has hidden files. Click on it to disclose these files. As shown below


Scroll down again to locate Autoplay. By default it’s on Mobile data and WiFi connections. Click on autoplay


The hidden files under autoplay will be opened like shown below. Locate “never autoplay video” and tick.

You can now browse with a smiling face on Facebook.

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