How To Download Videos on Youtube On Your Mobile Without Application

I know most of you have witnessed instances where you searched something on the internet and saw video of it on YouTube but couldn’t download. Not because you can’t download but you must first of all have an application through which you can download. What about if you don’t have any of these applications. That means you have to download and installed before you can download that important video huh! Consuming your data.

Today’s tutorial is basically to handle such situation without downloading any application to your phone.

First Step

Locate a video you want to download. Open the video as if you are watching on the internet and pause it.

Step 2

Copy the URL in the address bar of the video. Or try like sharing the video and copy the link with using YouTube mobile app.

Step 3 Visit and paste the Copied link (URL)

Step 4

Final Step. Press the download bottom to download without any hustle.

If this article is helping let me know by your comment. Or if there is any other method let us know.

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