STARTUPS: 3 Tech Strategies To Make You Strong In The Business Industry In Ghana

Doing business in Ghana is not as easy as you may think and demands a strong strategic plan. Internet data was a half challenge to startups until Tigo tribe was launched making it solved most of the challenges we faced toward marketing our product online especially social media. Data in Ghana is expensive so I say Kudos to Tigo. Tigo Tribe- Get to know how you will use tigo tribe without any deduction
Most of us who have been in the business for a while have encountered situations where we paid for goods but never received it. This makes online business not satisfactory to most of us.
After series of observations and interrogations, I found out the following factors as the best choice for every startup to stand strong and be taking serious and respected in the business industry in Ghana. Thus making people trust your outfit and begin doing business with you.

Choose business name and colours and design all aspert of your firm with it. That’s Logo, Website, Email, Tshirt etc. Let me take you through them one after the other.

Identification is important in every industry. Business name alone is not enough. Having a logo talks more about the firm. It makes identification easily. As we all know image is seen faster and communicate more than word. Get a logo as possible as you can. Logo in Ghana ranges from Ghc50-100.

Website is usually the first point of contact for a prospect. With the new age of social media marketing and seo strategies, you would be losing to your competitors if you don’t have a website that would inform consumer choice.
Website describes your business in one place.
You can use any email for your business but having a uniqued and customised email with your business name extension have a positive impact on your firm. Yes positive because it tells people about how serious you are.
Tshirt should be designed with the company’s logo. Wear your customised business T-shirt every where you go. It sells the business and give the business some level of respect as it is done with Logo, Website and Email.

For as low as Ghc400 you can get Mobile responsive Website with Free Email Logo, Letterhead, Call Card, Business Intro and other packages. Visit here

Having a loyal customer depends on the quality of your product. A customer will be loyal if he/she is satisfied with your service. Customers sell product more that commercial so it’s always advisable to provide quality product than providing inferior purposely to make more profit. Add packages to your product to stand stronger in the industry.

Send message to anyone who enquires about your product or service showing appreciation for the enquiry. You should as well send message to anyone who does business with you thanking him/her for doing business with your firm. Make sure the message bears the name of your company. This shows the standard of your firm. For as low as Ghc0.02 you can customise you SMS. Read about 2pesewas bulk sms

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Online payment is the only option for Online Business owners in Ghana. With the right method anyone will love to do business with you and will hardly think otherwise. We have a lot of mobile payment platform like myghpay, slydepay, expresspay etc. But the one I have use before is Mazzuma. With Mazzuma you can request for payment just for the client to enter his or her pin and automatically you will receive it in your mobile money account. I don’t know of the others so with time will explore and explain to you all the available payment apps in Ghana. Check how it works

For any possible Method. let us know by leaving your comment below.

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