How You Can Convert Your Handwriting Into Computer Font

So far as you can use Computer you know what font is. But you might never  knew you could customise your own font for use on your PC using your own handwriting until reading this article.

According to webopedia,A font is the combination of typeface and other qualities, such as size, pitch, and spacing. For example, Times Roman is a typeface that defines the shape of each character. Within Times Roman, however, there are many fonts to choose from — different sizes, italic, bold, and so on.

In this article you are going to know how to convert your hand writing into computer font. So let’s begin

1. Open your internet browser and go to

2. Now all you have to do is just download the template as PDF or PNG format from the website, I will prefer PNG format because it’s easy to edit in PNG.

3. You would have to fill out the template you have downloaded with your own hand writing using a thick black pen. You can also fill it using Microsoft Paint without downloading it. But the best option is to take a print out of the template and fill with the thick black pen.

4. Once you have filled it, scan it with a scanner. You can also use a good scanning mobile application that can also give you accurate result. I will recommend to use a scanner and scan the filled template with 300-600 dpi.

5. After you filled and scanned the template, go back to website and click on “choose file”.

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6. Browse and upload the scanned copy of the filled template. Provide a name for the font and click on ” Start”

7. Your font will be created. Click on the font and it will automatically download.

8. Locate the font with the name on your PC and copy. Go to “control panel” on your PC, look for font and paste it inside “font folder”

9. Now you can have access to your own designed font in any text editor you use on your machine like Microsoft word, Notepad etc.


Take into consideration the  LEGIBILITY when customising your own font for use

Legibility refers to the ease with which a typeface can be read; it relates to design characteristics including its x-height, character shapes, stroke contrast, the size of its counters, serifs or lack thereof, and weight – all of which relate to the ability to distinguish one letter from another. Make sure your font when use will attract and hold the reader’s attention, typefaces intended for text should be legible and easy to read. Save more decorative, eye-catching designs for headlines, titles, and other more prominent usages.

To put it simply, Font matters because it helps keep the reader’s attention on your content. Good typography allows them to focus on the message instead of focusing on the me­chan­ics of read­ing.

However, Typography is more than selecting fonts. It is the study of how humans read, how they perceive information, how they recognise words and how the brain processes the information. Yes, it is an art but it is has its roots in human cognition.


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