How You Can Customize Email Signature

Because of our every day operations especially in the aspect of exchanging documents, everybody body has an email. Even google has made it compulsory to open an email account with them before you can have access to their playstore. How possible can you use an android phone without accessing the playstore. After exploring the feature of your email account have you ever thought of email signature? Im! Email signature is a way of letting anyone who receives a mail from you knows what you do. That’s promoting you. Email signature links your social network accounts to your email. I have received a lot of messages on how they can set up an email like mine. There are a lot of email signatures out there on the internet but Wisestamp is what works the best for me. Wisestamp allows you to customize your signature with your social network accounts as well as shows the icons of the social networks making the interface of your email attractive. In this article I am going to take you through how to set up email signature with wisestamp. This is how my signature looks like:

Visit wisestamp website by clicking the button


  1. Download the software to your computer by clicking of the Download now button. Restart your browser to recognize the wisestamp software before you would be able to customize it.
  2. WiseStamp icon looks like a stamp with an handle. It will appear at the bottom right corner of your browser.
  3. Click on that icon and there appears the interface the website. Select edit signature. You can now start customizing your own signature in the dialog box that appears. There are two menu at the top are of the dialog box. Thus, General and Settings


It previews as you customize. Fill in the text box provided. You must first of all choose whether you are customizing the signature for your business or your Personal use.

In the dashboard you can choose the font style, size and type you want. For instance, if you want it bold, you can highlight and bold it just like working with Microsoft. You can add your personal or business website link. Just highlight it URL or the words you would want to like and select link botton and enter your website address or the URL.

You can add as many social media you belong. At the right side of the information you provided. Provide the links of the social media network accounts you belong. You can add as many social account you have. You can search and add the other social network you belong if it’s not available at the right site of the text information you provided by clicking on “+add another”.

At the top of the social media links, you can set your personal picture or company logo.


Making changes at the settings affect the structure of the signature. So whatever changes you make must be how you want your signature to be. You can play around the setting to suite how you want your signature to be like.

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