Mobile Applications Scammers Use In Ghana, Take Caution

Facebook is the largest social networking platform. And has also become the best platform for scammers.

Facebook has more than a billion active users:

Have you ever woke up early one morning to check your inbox just to see a long message talking about Illuminati? What about fetish priest. Whatever appears to be in high demand calls for massive fraud. Example bitcoin. THIS is How You Buy AND Spend Bitcoin
Since we cant deal with it, the only option is to take caution in all our activities.
Upon few researches and knowledge in computing I have compile to expose recent scams.

Scammers are all over Facebook. They open a fake account on Facebook and search for people. They make sure they are contacting those who can easily fall into it. They use foreign photos, names and locations as their profile.
They will inbox a victim ( “Hi, I am “foreign name” from “foreign location” ). This is where it begins. Conversation starts. Day 2, it continues and within a shorter period victim fakes friendship since she has the perception that all whites have money.
Chat continues, victim will ask for his number and surely he will provide a workable US number registered on WhatsApp. Another Application they use.

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Chat then continues on WhatsApp. Trust then increase to 95%. Definitely living standard will come into the conversation. Yes, you will demand for something thinking you have gotten a mugu.
Scammer will search online for goods that will keep you unthinkable. Victim will see scammer online and call but scammer will not pick up and will give an excuse. You will accept even if you doubt. Money dey talk for your brain.

Day 4-5, scammer will send an item he bought for victim. And will request victims address. Victim will not hesitate to send.
7 hours time ” Babe, items sent. I added $2000 and my picture” message sent by Scammer. Victim will be happy and be faking love ” thanks, love you dear”.

Day 7, Scammer will ask victim if she has gotten the items. Victim will say No.
Day 9, Scammer will start complaining that victim has taken the item and doesn’t want to tell him. Because of that Chating will not be active like before.

Day 20, Victim will get a message from any reputable delivery firm. Fake message using a mobile App. Customized message stating in it that “Fees Charge is Ghc2,000 Call office line”. Victim will call. Scammer will tell her to send the money through Mobile Money else goods will be returned by tomorrow since it came to their office a week ago. Confused victim will look for money and send scammer.

Scammer will call and tell victim ” Payment has been confirmed “. Other Scammers also use Online payment mobile application to reuest for money from victim. The victim on has to enter her pin and the money will be electVictim will be waiting for her goods and $2000.

Mobile App for Sending Mobile Money Across All Network In Ghana

Day 23 passed by, Day 26. Victim will then call office line and will be was switched off. He will go back to Facebook and found herself blocked. She will say ” SO ALL THIS WHILE I WAS CHATING WITH A SCAMMER”.


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