How To Send Mobile Money Across All Network Without Mobile Application (Move System) In Ghana

Gone are the days when it was impossible to send mobile money from one account to the other. Service providers rendering mobile money service got series of complaints on that. It was put to developers to design a software to curb such situation.
In recent times, we have witness a lot of mobile applications such as Slydepay, expresspay, myghpay, mazzuma and many more that help in sending money and buying airtime from one mobile money account to another.
Not long ago another another method was launched and with this one, sending money and buying airtime across all network does not require mobile application.
This system is called MOVE. “Move” has over 20,000 transaction as at now.

Move is a medium through which money is send from one mobile network to the other without downloading any mobile application. It is a matter of dialing a shortcode and following the prompt.

Move has three main features as at now. That is Sending money, buying airtime and paying bills. This is explain below:

To be able to able to use this method you must first of all be a mobile money subscriber. Move helps in sending money from MTN mobile money wallet to Tigo Cash, Airtel money and Vodafone Cash User. You can aswel send money from Tigo Cash Wallet to Vodafone cash, MTN mobile money and Airtel Money User. This applies to Money from Airtel money and Vodafone Cash to all network mobile money user.

You can buy airtime from your mobile money wallet to your number for use using the MOVE system. You can as well buy airtime from your wallet to a friend mobile number for use. Airtime sent can be through MTN mobile money wallet to any network number.


It doesn’t required downloading and installing of any mobile application.

It’s a matter of dialing *718*2# on any network and following the prompt.

However, unlike the mobile applications I mentioned earlier, with this “Move” system you can’t request money.

Also, it has not solve what most of us are looking for especially getting back money which was mistakenly sent as airtime.

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