How To Create A Well Functionable Facebook Page

To start creating a facebook page, think of what the page is all about. Is it a page for your business, your band and organization?

In this article, we will be using  mobile phone to create well functionable facebook page for any kind of activities you are into. Don’t miss any of the steps below:

1. To get started, visit Facebook and it will take you to your home page if you have already logged in. if not log in to your account by entering your email/mobile number and password.

2. Click on the box icon located at the top right site of your page

3. Scroll down to “Create page” click on it.

4. Like I said earlier, remember to know what you are about to do. Is it a business or a brand? Click on “Get Started” button.

5 Enter the name you want to use. If it’s about fun, I recommend getting a catchy name. Be sure of the name because it reflects what your page is about. Click on “NEXT” button.

6. Choose the category and subcategory for your page. Category is the industry your page falls within and subcategory is the section of the category your page falls under. Choose wisely and Click on “NEXT” button.

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7. Add website link to your page. This is optional. If you have a website, enter the URL in the text box and click on the “NEXT” button.

8. Add profile picture to your page. This helps in search results. Make sure your profile picture talks about your page. This helps your visitors to trust your page. Click on “Add Profile” and it will take you to your media to select a photo. I recommend 1600*1600 pixels. Click on “NEXT” button.

9. Add Cover photo to your page. This also shows higher in search results. Click on “Add Cover Photo” button. This will take you to your media to select photo to use. Higher resolution horizontal images work here. I recommend

10. Now the page is created. Visit your page by following step and scroll down to locate the page you created Click on the name and it will take you to the home of that page.

11. In the page, click on “invite friends to like your page”, this will take you to your friends list to invite them by after the other.

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12. Click on “Publish your first Post” and publish first time on your page. This will make your page active and visible for like.

13. Choose the action you would like people to take. This button will be shown at the top of your page. Click on “add a button”. A new page will appear. Choose the button you want it to be visible on your page. If the page is to buy products and services, I recommend choosing any of the following: “Book now”; “Shop Now”; “Sign up”. If you want people to get in touch with you, select any of the following “Call now”; “Contact us”; “Send message” and “Send email”. Any button you choose will require you to configure. For example if you choose “Call now” you will have to enter your phone number.

I hope this article is helpful to you.

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